Experience Areas

We are members of CLA Global, an international network of public accountants firms and tax consultants. Nowadays there are around 150 associated firms distributed around the globe. CLA Global makes us possible to provide our services in all major global countries through other members.

Our principal services are perfectly designed to integrate the most complete and efficient service possible in the decision making.

Tax and Legal Services
  • Tax Consulting
  • International Taxation
  • Tax of Business Organizations
  • Administrative Law
  • Transfer Pricing

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Foreign Trade
  • Foreign Investment
  • Legal Audits
  • Tax and Common Law Litigation

Financial Services
  • Corporate Financing
  • Corporate Reorganizations
  • Counseling for Business Organizations

Audit and Business Assistance
  • Tax and Financial Audits
  • Audits
  • Risk Control and Opportunity Analysis